About Our Dojo

Aikido of Northwest Kansas is devoted to challenging individuals to live their lives fully each day, to break free from that which binds them, to handle conflict as active peace-makers, and to become more connected within themselves and more connected with others. For adults, we offer traditional Aikido classes, weapons classes, rank restricted classes, training with Sensei and internal training classes, and a variety of workshops, seminars, and camps; we also offer a Youth Aikido class for kids as young as 5 years old, a Youth Technique time (for youth who are more focused–attendance is only with Sensei’s permission), a 9-year-old-and-older weapons class, and a variety of workshops, seminars, and camps.  Families are also welcome to train together (via the adult assisting in a youth class or via the youth training with their parents in the weapons class or adult class).  Individuals of any spiritual or non-spiritual viewpoint, from any background, and of any age are welcome to practice with us and participate in any offered classes.

Aikido of Northwest Kansas is a chartered dojo in the Aikido Association of America.  Our Hays school’s name (given to us by Stephen Toyoda, our association’s head instructor and president) is Shinshinkan, which means place of sincerity, true heart, or devotion.  In addition to our main school in Hays, we teach at the FHSU Traditional Martial Arts Alliance (an on-campus club), and we have an affiliated school instructed by one of our black belts in Blue Rapids, KS, as well as a study group in Wichita, KS.