Scholarship Program Donors

Thank You to Our Scholarship Program Donors!!!

We wish to thank our scholarship program donors from the bottom of our hearts. Their generous support allows many students the opportunity to study who could otherwise not afford it AND gives youth and adults in the local community leadership development opportunities. Since these entities are giving back so much to their local community, we list them below, and we strongly encourage you to support them with your business! We also wish to thank the private donors below for their support of their local community and youth!

Platinum Partners

Platinum Partners are rare–to be listed here they must truly contribute greatly to the scholarship program, and they are an integral part of it; they are invaluable in their contributions of time, money, and other resources towards our scholarship program and towards supporting the youth and adults in our local community.

    The Hadley Center

The Hadley Center very generously supports our scholarship program through a modified rental agreement that allows more youth and adults to receive scholarships. Please thank them in person and support their business if you need rental space of any type!

    Aikido of Northwest Kansas

Our dojo is committed to developing Aikido students and the local community, and we directly support our own scholarship program!

Gold Supporters

Gold Supporters contribute $1,000 or more per year towards the scholarship program. Their extremely large contribution allows many the opportunity to develop strength of character through Aikido and our scholarship program. Please thank these donors in person and support their businesses!

Silver Supporters

Silver Supporters contribute $500 or more per year towards the scholarship program; their donations allow us to support even more students as they seek to learn Aikido and develop as citizens of character. Please thank them by supporting their business!

Bronze Supporters

Bronze Supporters contribute $250 or more per year towards the scholarship program. Their steady support over the years forms much of the backbone of our scholarship program and helps build up the youth and adults in our community. Please thank them for their support and consider giving them your business!


Supporters of our scholarship program have given time, effort, or money to help the program succeed in its mission of helping the youth and adults in our community develop into leaders of character. Please thank any of our scholarship supporters whom you meet, and consier supporting them with your business!

Private Donors

Private individuals also greatly assist with our scholarship program. By giving of their personal money, they help the youth and adults in the program put faces with the people who are supporting them. It is our hope that this relationship helps to spur on scholarship students to higher performance both on and off the mat!